Throwback Thursday: Roller Disco


I hate to admit it when my mother is right about something. But looking at old photos of her in her teens, homegirl had amazing hair. Bouncy and shiny with almost no heat styling. How did she do it? Foam rollers.


  1. Cheap. So cheap. Like $2 cheap at Ulta.
  2. Doesn’t wreck or ravage hair like curling irons or velcro rollers.
  3. Styles while you sleep. Lazy girl’s paradise.


  1. The least sexual you will ever look, ever. Evidence below.

Before I went to bed:


Like I said, not sexy.

When I woke up:


Victoria’s Secret bouncy!

This look also works with a side-part:


A bit more Farrah Fawcett than Victoria’s Secret.

All your boyfriends/husbands will hate me for encouraging you to sleep in rollers, but you’ll look GORGEOUS in the morning!

xoxo, Rahel not Rachel

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