I Can’t

definition of i can't

Surpassing Drake’s “YOLO” and the ubiquitous “the struggle is real,” this catchphrase has become my daily motto. I CAN’T. I CANNOT*. It’s perfect and applies to my general lack of patience in the dusk of my collegiate career. The Lord is testing me. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep, maybe it’s us getting grumpy with age, but I’ve commiserated with many fellow seniors who feel a similar intolerance. With a week until graduation, there are many things I physically refuse to deal with.

*Usually coupled with an eye roll, dismissive hand gesture, dramatic storm-out of the room, or all three if the situation warrants it.

When someone suggests a group project meeting before noon:

i can't

When my parents ask me what I plan to do with my life after graduation:

conversation over

When my professor keeps teaching new material on LDOC:

gaga you have to stop

When girls my age talk about marrying their loser boyfriends, I listen politely for a while and then:

kingsley can't

When underclassmen sass me :

Beyonce says "I can't with you basic bitches"

When my boss calls me in for a meeting on a Saturday and it ends up being pointless:

wendy can't

When I tried and failed to think of a clever way to end this blog post:


I can’t.

xoxo Rahel


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