L’Oreal is L’egit


Color my hair, do what I dare; Shania Twain said it best and man, do I feel like a woman. But after a month of coloring, cutting, braiding, twisting, and pinning I am beginning to feel more like steel wool. If you’re like me and have naturally soft and silky hair, you’ll agree we didn’t totally win the jackpot. Unlike our coarser- and thicker-maned sisters, the fine texture of our strands leaves us more vulnerable to styling damage. If you’re a frequent heat-styler, it is wise to invest in a monthly professional keratin treatment or an at-home deep conditioning mask. The juice cleanse of the hair world, the deep-condition can repair up to a year’s worth of damage.


Doubtful? I tried the Total Repair 5 Damage Erase Balm by L’Oreal that was $6.99 at Target. Rich with ceramides, it feels more like a thick anti-aging skin lotion than hair conditioner. After a thorough shampoo and rinse, I applied a generous dollop to my hair, root to tip. I clipped my hair up in the shower to prevent it from dripping. You want the product to stay on your hair for a full five minutes. Rinse completely so there is no residue that will make you feel greasy later on. After a blow-dry I could see and feel the difference. Split ends and brittle texture? Gone.

Tip: to keep time in the shower, play music! Not only do you get to jam to your favorite songs, you can keep track of your progress. Assuming the average track is 3 minutes long, here are some formulas abide by:

A shampoo + rinse = one song.

Daily conditioner = one song.

Deep conditioning treatment = two songs.

Playlist starts repeating = get the hell out of the shower because you are hogging all the hot water, bitch!

There are plenty of deep conditioners out there and at times it seems like I have tried them all. But this L’Oreal Total Repair balm has earned a permanent spot on my shower shelf!

Do you have any favorite products for damage repair or prevention? Share below in the comments section!

xoxo, Rahel

Graphics courtesy of Google Images. This was not a paid endorsement of any product, writer did not receive compensation.


4 thoughts on “L’Oreal is L’egit

  1. You had me at $6.99. I’ve been using the Macadamia Oil hair masque which is fab, but also $32. Not great.

    Gonna grab me some l’egit l’oreal thanks to l’rahel (get it.. har har)

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